Reading Lists

There's nothing better for a reader than to nerd about books with fellow readers and share great books to read. So, I'd love to share some of my favourite reading lists with you and would love to hear what some of your favourite books are too!

Without further ado, here are some reading lists and book recommendations for some of my favourite books in a variety of genres.

Want to share some of your favourite books and add to the book lists? Comment in the comments section at the end of each book list to share the book love!

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Children's Books

A list of children's picture books and children's chapter books to keep your kids growing their reading skills and love of books.

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Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books

Predominantly a fantasy writer and reader, and a sci-fi reader, check out my fantasy and sci-fi book recommendations. 


Non-Fantasy Books

Though I'm mostly a fantasy writer and reader, I love non-fiction and other fiction books too. Check out this list.