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Dynasty Codes

Dynasty Codes: An adult fantasy series

News and updates

September 4 2021

Book 1: Manuscript appraisal back with the team to see if we're good to go. Excited to find out if we're ready for the full edit!

Book 2: 75% written! *cheers* getting to the very exciting part of the story climax. My goal is to have draft 1 finished by the end of September, tweaked, and then to my beta readers.

Book 3: Yes, book 3 is in the works! Full planning in action, where I fully plot the chapters out, ready for draft one. This will also be finished by end of September.


July 27 2021

Book 1: post manuscript appraisal back to the publishing team. I'll post a blog about this soon for anyone keen to know about my little-miss-perfectionist approach to manuscript appraisals.

Book 2: with the manuscript appraisal of book 1 back to the team, I can finally continue full efforts of drafting book 2!


Book 1: post manuscript appraisal amendments nearly complete to return to the publisher.

Book 2: crossed the halfway point in drafting!


I'm really pleased to share with you that book one of my new adult fantasy series Dynasty Codes had gone through manuscript appraisal!

It's official and happening, and I'm really excited to be working on it again after the appraisal process.

Stay tuned to find out more about what's happening in the publishing process and some sneak peeks about what the first book is about.