Children's Resources

Having trained as a teacher and now being a publishing guide and writing mentor, I thought I'd share some resources and motivational prompts for children, readers, and writers.

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Help children embrace the magic of reading

Childhood is the perfect time to learn a love of reading.

One of my favourite things to do when I was a child was to read, to go on adventures that were way beyond the world of the village I grew up in. I would daydream of magical creatures and places, wizards, adventurers, mighty warriors and leaders, and wish I could be a part of those magical words.

The imagination has such a huge potential, and the best time to nurture creativity and imagination is during childhood. Books are a perfect gateway for this.

Give the children in your life the best opportunity for growth, adventure, leadership, imagination, creativity, open-mindedness, and empathy by encouraging them to read and find the books they'll love and remember for their whole life.

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