Children's Books

My love of reading began when I was a child and my parents read me picture books. So, how could I not write children's books to inspire the next generation of readers, too? I believe a love of reading begins young, and reading books with young children fosters amazing habits and dreams for children to enjoy throughout their lives.

My first children's book, My Best Friend is a Dragon, introduces children to the fantasy world I created for my adult fantasy novel series. The Obaa-chan dragon is the same dragon that appears in those books, and I fell in love with the idea of parents reading books to their children that they could also enjoy themselves in the adult series. And, if a child loves the fantasy books as children, they can continue through into the adult books as they grow older.

Because fantasy is for all ages.

And I won’t let anyone bully her. Not even a knight!

Science-loving Princess Mariam loves her life in the forest. She lives in an amazing astronomy tower, gets to study the forest and stars and all the animals that live in the forest too, AND gets to conduct science experiments without being told off by the palace staff. And, even better, she gets to live with her best friend: an old dragon she calls Obaa-chan, and they do everything together.

The only problem is that knights in shining armour come to try to take her away from Obaa-chan, and call Obaa-chan lots of bad things without even understanding her. What will Mariam do when another knight comes calling and says she'll slay Obaa-chan to save Mariam and take her far, far away?

Stay tuned for the official cover release

My Best Friend is a Dragon