My name's Sarah, and I'm a fantasy author, book publishing coordinator, daydreamer, and women's empowerment advocate.

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Nerd facts:
Otaku (manga, anime, Japanese culture)
Firebender (Uncle Iroh and jasmine tea supporter)
Myths and legends lover
Ancient weapons, kobudo, archery

I'm from England, but left to live and work in Japan (a life dream of mine). I now live in Australia.

I've wanted to write books ever since I was tiny. I was introduced to books at a really young age, and decided that was my life from then on. Unfortunately, I listened to the naysayers and took ages to come back around to my dream, but I'm fortunate that I caught myself while I was young. I'm now back on track and am determined to create awesome fantasy books and worlds that people can engage with and be immersed in. There's nothing like escapism with a good fantasy book!


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Along with writing fantasy books for all ages, I want to help others achieve their life dreams, so working as a publishing coordinator is the best job in the world for me: I get to be a book nerd AND help people create their life legacy.

I'm an avid women's empowerment idealist, and want to help women realise their best potential, achieve their dreams, and ignore the naysayers. All of my books are written with female empowerment at the centre.

My vision is to create fantasy books that females feel a true part of the world, not just the love interest, side character, or small part of the fantasy world population, and to inspire young girls to go out there and give life their all.