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My name's Sarah, and I'm a fantasy author, book publishing coordinator, daydreamer, and women's empowerment advocate.

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My vision is to create fantasy books where females feel a true part of the world, not just the love interest, side character, or small part of the fantasy world population; to inspire young girls to go out there and give life their all.

Upcoming Books

Girl by the Tree

For Children

My Best Friend is a Dragon

(And I won't let anyone hurt her, not even a knight!)

Girl Reading on Bed

For Adults

Dynasty Codes Book 1:
A Dynasty's Curse
(working title)

Stay tuned for the official cover releases!

This is the real magic of fantasy fiction:
it can feed souls and change lives.
—David Gemmell

I grew up with fantasy, and it shaped the world I lived in. I daydreamed and never stopped wishing that magic existed.

If I could help others feel that way too, to experience magic in the world and feel that fantasy made their world and life was an incredible place, and fed their soul, I would be very happy.

That's really the only dream of a fantasy author, I think. To provide that daydream and guide the immersive experience.

Publish awesome books for superhero authors
Nerd out / read / work out / write more
Sleep and repeat

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